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Possible prank in Summerlin could have had serious consequences

Posted at 11:36 PM, Dec 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-13 11:27:24-05

People in a Summerlin neighborhood are trying to figure out who is killing the power to their homes randomly.

They aren't sure if the perpetrators are playing a practical joke or have more sinister intentions.

"I came back and the house was dark,” Kellee Rodman said. “and I am looking around and everyone else is one."

Rodman's first concern was for her mother who relies on power to keep her oxygen machine running around the clock.

"Thank god she can breathe without it, because it would have killed her," Rodman said.

After a few phone calls, Rodman tracked the problem to the main breakers outside her house.

"When I came back.  This was open and these two main switches were set to off. Nothing else was touched," Rodman said.

The move wasn't an accident, two other people in the gated community confirmed their breakers were also flipped knocking out power to their homes.

One of the other neighbors who didn't want to go on camera says he confronted a group of three or four people, after his power was shut off

He said they quickly drove off.

Now those neighbors are working to determine if it was a simple prank, or if the group was using the ploy in hopes of figuring out who was home.

"Usually they wait and hour, and then they can come in and rob you without worrying about it," Rodman said.

A simple solution to protect yourself from a similar situation is to put a padlock on the door to your breaker box.