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UPDATE: Suspect named in Las Vegas tire slashing spree

Posted at 10:27 PM, Jun 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-12 12:10:24-04

UPDATED JUNE 12: Officers have named Allen Herle as a suspect in the rash of tire slashings in a housing community near Vegas Drive and Cimarron Road.

People who live in the community say that Herle was a former neighbor and has slashed at least 80 tires over the past few months. They are hoping that officers will help them finally bring an end to his attacks.

UPDATE JUNE 8: Neighbors say they saw the person they believe is behind the recent tire slashings.  They say it's someone who used to live in their complex. 

They saw him there again Thursday evening. One neighbor tells 13 Action News when confronted about the slashing, the man admitted to them, saying God told him to slash the tires.

Several neighbors called police and Allan Herman used his car to try and block in the man until they could arrive. That's when video shows the man backing into Allen's car, then trying to escape, before Allen knocks off his side mirror and another neighbor pierces his tire.

They say police showed up about an hour after they called, and the man was caught nearby. Police tell us it's not clear if he's officially a suspect in the tire slashings.

UPDATE JUNE 4: The Las Vegas community is helping a couple after their tires were slashed more than a dozen times in recent months. Allan Herman and his wife Cheryl are fighting the crime in their neighborhood as they also attempt to win a battle for their health.

Many from the community were touched by the story of the Allan and Cheryl after our report aired on June 1.

The tire slashing left the couple without cash or a car.

"I've been there," said Page. "I know exactly what she's going through."

Page, who preferred to not have her last name released, stopped by Herman's house to drop off cash and other gifts. Like Cheryl, Page has been battling cancer.

"They told me six years ago that I had six months to live," said Page. "I'm still here so every day is a blessing."

Allan and Cheryl were deeply moved by the kind gesture. They deposited the cash and they plan to use it for Cheryl's medication.

Meanwhile, the Thompson family replaced Herman's four flat tires. They say it's how they were raised.

Police tell 13 Action News the case is unsolved and detectives are working all leads.

ORIGINAL:  People living in a complex near Vegas and Cimarron say they've been terrorized for months by a serial tire slasher.

"It's not a way to live," said Judi McDonald. "We shouldn't have to live in fear of our tires being slashed."

Neighbors shared about a dozen pictures of flat tires with 13 Action News. They say the crimes mostly happen at night

Allan Herman says he has lost a total of 16 tires in recent months.

"Why should I have to spend my money every two weeks, every four weeks on getting new tires," said Herman. "It's not right."

Robert Boston says four of his tires were slashed.

"Costs about 700 bucks," he said.

Boston and others say they have set up patrols to prevent this crime. In the process, they say they caught the alleged slasher. However, they say by the time police arrived, the man was gone.

Neighbors believe the alleged criminal is no stranger. 13 Action News will contact police with this information.  

Meanwhile, Herman hasn't been able to fix his car due to the cost of replacement tires.

He says he has to ask friends for a ride when he or his ailing wife need to go to the doctor's office.

"Up until three years ago, we were both working people," he said.

There is one silver lining for neighbors.

"I've made a lot of friends through all this," said McDonald, "I'm amazed."