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Neighbors stand up against burglars terrorizing community

Posted at 11:22 PM, Sep 15, 2017

People living in the Westleigh community near Oakey and Vegas Valley said they've seen a string of burglaries in the past two weeks.

Westleigh is an old-fashioned neighborhood with charming homes and friendly people. 

But recently, a threat of break-ins has been lingering. 

"People are watching us, it seems like. They know what's going on," said Marcela Ketchum. 

Ketchum's next-door neighbor was the most recent victim of a burglary. Neighbors said multiple other homes have been targeted in the past few weeks. 

"We're all just taking extra precautions," said Michelle Miller who chose to have her home assessed by a security company after the latest burglary. 

Ketchum is also adding extra security to her home, but she said it's also important to take an old-fashioned approach to crime and safety. 

"We know who is part of the neighborhood, so if there are strange cars driving by or if there are people walking by we kind of keep each other informed," Ketchum said. 

The neighbors plan to increase their use of Next Door and Facebook groups to keep each other safe from potential break-ins.