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Neighbors say they are fed up with mailbox theft

Posted at 6:00 PM, Feb 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-02 22:40:51-05
Neighbors throughout Summerlin are reporting mailbox break-ins. 
We saw two broken mailboxes Tuesday, but heard there are as many as 30 that have been broken dating back to December. 
"We came out to go somewhere and looked at it and said, 'that doesn't look quite right,'" said Summerlin resident Rodney Pugh.
One of his neighbor even told us, they are so flimsy she has done it before when she didn't have her key.
"I said, OK well we're one of the many,'" said Pugh. "There's been about 13, I think we're number 13 from what the postman told us. In the Summerlin area we've been hit very hard with them."
Rodney found out about the rash of mailbox break-ins through the Nextdoor app on his phone.
It lets people in the area post about different suspicious activity in their neighborhood.
Lee Sondeno also lives in Summerlin and said he has heard about even more mailbox break-ins in the area, including the one in front of his home.
"I went down to our local post office and they told us that there were about 30 break-ins and it would take about two and a half weeks for them to fix all the mailboxes," said Sondeno.
Both Pugh and Sondeno have had their identities stolen, and with tax time approaching, there could be sensitive documents just sitting in your mailbox.
The spokeswoman for the postal service here said she could not give us specific numbers for mailbox break-ins, but it is a federal crime.  
She said they are working to replace four in the Summerlin area right now.