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Neighbors say teens terrorize Silverado Ranch neighborhood

Posted at 6:37 PM, Nov 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-22 22:31:17-05

A Silverado Ranch neighborhood is being terrorized by teens, according to homeowners there.

"Tearing up the pool, putting holes in walls and if you want to go smoke, smoke somewhere else," said Sam Mallernee who lives at Silverado Place.

An HOA board member shared surveillance video with 13 action news that shows the teens around the neighborhood at all hours of the night.

"They break whatever they can. Pull the light out of the pool, turn the cameras around," said Robert Smera with the HOA.

Another neighbor Darrell Peterson said his truck was destroyed two days ago.

"In the morning they got it. Keyed it right there," Peterson said while pointing to his tailgate.

The community security company has noted they have talked to the teens and their parents. Metro has also emailed the HOA and said they have also talked to parents who are cooperating with them fully.

But Smera with the HOA said the damage is racking up a pricey tab that could fall on homeowners. 

"Walmart is going to raise their prices because of their losses and we have to do something," Smera said. 

In the last two years, HOA dues have gone from $50 to almost $70 and the problems continue piling up for homeowner.

"The bottom line it is just devaluing our property," Mallernee said. "As for getting something done the HOA doesn't do anything, the cops don't do anything and the parents obviously won't do anything. So, yeah, we're kind of screwed.