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Neighbors say squatters are ruining neighborhood

Posted at 7:11 PM, Jan 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-18 22:11:22-05
People living in an east Las Vegas neighborhood say the once quiet area is being destroyed by squatters.
Homeowners on Woodfield Drive say the area use to and safe but now they barely recognize it  because of squatters taking over two of the homes.
"The quality of life here in the neighborhood is starting to go down," said Robert Woods who lives in the neighborhood.
At one of the homes in question you can see a lot of damage.
The garage is off it's tracks, there's old mattresses, broken glass and garbage all around.
Action News tracked down the owner who moved in with his daughter, Barbara when he fell ill.
They live a couple of blocks away and Barbara said she just recently learned that squatters had taken over the vacant home.
Barbara said she called police, but the squatters already damaged the home.
"It's like a real nightmare, to think that someone can actually come into your home even though it's vacant and just set up like they own it," explained Barbara.
Barbara did have the squatters served. The door in now sealed by the Las Vegas Justice Court and neighbors say they haven't seen anyone in at least a week.
As for her next step, "It's to clean that house out and hope it never happens again." 
That's not the only house neighbors say squatters have taken over. There's another house just up the street on Woodfield Drive where neighbors believe squatters are living.
Neighbors say that's not the only home where there are problems. Just up the street there is another house where neighbors believe squatters have taken over.
People who live in the area say with everything going on, they no longer feel safe.
"I'm always concerned for my family, especially with all this going on", said Filadelfo Sobalvaroo.
He has five daughters and with all the recent problems in the area he's now thinking about moving.
"I would especially move to a better neighborhood because at one point this was a nice neighborhood to live in, but now it's turning into where it's not so nice," said Sobalvaroo.
Action News did check the police Crime Map and it doesn't show a significant increase in crime, but neighbors insist there have been a lot of problems and police activity in the area.
We also reached out to police and code enforcement and are waiting to hear back.