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Neighbors rally around high school student in Las Vegas after thieves try to ruin his homecoming

Posted at 6:22 PM, Sep 25, 2017

A Las Vegas high schooler almost had his homecoming dance ruined by thieves until his family and neighbors stepped in.

Isack Dean says he had just pulled out nearly $500 and was walking home when he was approached by four teens.

"One of them comes up and they sucker punch me," Dean said.

The Sierra Vista High School senior says the four teens got away with all the cash he was planning on using for his homecoming dance.

"I picked up extra days on the schedule so that when I got paid I could pay for tickets, dinner after and a corsage," Dean said.

Dean worked more than 60 hours in order to afford everything he needed for homecoming.

His family filed a police report and they are currently investigating. But with the money taken just a week before the dance, Dean wasn't sure he could afford anything.

His mother ended up pick up extra Uber shifts while his uncle gave him a suit. The most surprising gift, neighbors donated almost $200 to the teen.

"For them to say things like 'we're here for you,'" Dean said. "It really helped me through."

Proving to Dean there are still good people in the midst of all the bad.