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Neighbors on high alert after cameras capture suspicious stranger trespassing

Posted at 11:13 PM, Jun 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-25 10:31:00-04

A community is on alert after a homeowner says a video shows a stranger attempting to gain access to a home in the middle of the night! Neighbors are even more concerned after noticing the stranger appears to be carrying a gun.

The incident happened near Cheyenne Avenue and the 215 beltway early Sunday morning.

"I got up this morning to go to church and went out and noticed glass on the seat of the passenger car and walked around."

That's when David Edwards saw the driver window of his SUV smashed in.

Thinking someone was out vandalizing properties in his neighborhood, he checked surveillance videos captured by multiple security cameras in his home.

He was surprised by what he saw.

"Seeing somebody attempt to enter the property, trying to enter the door, carrying a gun. In one of the videos, you can see the man has a firearm, which freaked me out a little bit."

It's hard to make out details in the video, but you do see the man use a flashlight as he looks through the vehicles parked in the driveway and leaves.

In another video, an SUV pulls up, the same man gets out of the vehicle and walk towards the house wearing what appears to be gloves.

"I was angry because that's an invasion of your home and he entered my yard."

David believes in one part of the video off-camera the man tried to open the side door but couldn't and eventually took off.

This homeowner has since added more locks and other security features in his home.

"You know the sad part is the damage that he did to the vehicle, and it's stupid, and he got away with nothing. I probably got the best thing because I got a good video of him."

David Edwards wants to warn others to be vigilant.