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Neighbors: Man going door to door acting strange with stun gun

Posted at 11:12 PM, Feb 14, 2017
Dozens of people living in one valley neighborhood say a man has been terrorizing them. They say he goes door to door near Cactus Avenue and Jones Boulevard looking for vacant homes all while carrying a stun gun.
In this video, you see the man ring the doorbell and then pace around the front porch and eventually saying an expletive as he looks into the camera.
Neighbors congregated on Facebook saying this man came to their house too.
"This is my first experience living in this neighborhood," said one woman.
That woman and her husband were working on renovations on their home Sunday when they say the man in the video walked through their front door with a stun gun in his hand.
"Why do you have a Taser out in your hand?" she asked. "Like what are you planning on doing with that? He was obviously looking for some trouble."
The couple said the man started asking weird questions and was inquiring about how he could get a list of all the homeowners in the neighborhood. They say he claimed to be lost and his friends dropped him off a few minutes prior to the incident.
"He just seemed kind of weird and shifty and he started asking how we could find out who owned all the homes in the neighborhood," said one homeowner. "It was just a really weird interaction."
One neighbor confirmed police did respond to all the calls they were getting about the wandering man. As far as we know, he has not been charged with any crime.