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YOU ASK. WE INVESTIGATE. Some improvements for dog left out in rain in viral video

Posted at 11:52 PM, Nov 21, 2016
UPDATE: Thousands of you were outraged after seeing a video of a dog huddling under the awning of a home during the rain. After our original story aired, the owners made some improvements.
Neighbors feel a little bit at ease now that the dog has a big water dish and a new dog house.
"Now they have a dog house for him," said Mike Burke. "That was the big thing. If they saw it (the video) maybe they felt a little shamed and that's why they took the steps so immediately."
However, neighbors say it's not all rainbows and butterflies.
The dog is still barking like crazy and is still left outside for extremely long hours, according to neighbors.
13 Action News witnessed the barking on Tuesday.
"That goes on all night long," said Burke.
Burke and his other neighbors are more sad than annoyed at the barking. They feel it's the dogs cry for love and attention.
Ralph Mansch lives down the road from Burke and from the dog. He calls himself a pit bull guardian and he runs his own rescue organization in Las Vegas.
Mansch saw the viral video last night and was close to confiscating the dog afterwards.
"I was kind of like well why is the dog in the rain?" asked Mansch. "Cause it's getting cold already, plus it's raining and he's hiding behind the house. You can see that there is very little area for him to hide and I couldn't believe the people would leave him outside."
But now, after the improvements made, Mansch says he will give the owners a second chance.
"If he's willing to make the changes to make it better for this animal, then I'm all for that."
Mansch says, if the improvements don't last, he is not afraid to take those drastic measures.
"If that's what it takes, that's what I'm going to do."
Burke and his wife knocked on the dog owners' door for a 13th time tonight, but there was no answer. They've also left notes saying they want to help but to no avail.
Animal Control visited the home on Monday and says they are investigating.
A valley couple shot video of a dog in their neighbor's yard hiding from the rain.
Mike and Jen Burke say the helpless dog is stuck outside all hours of the day and night. The Burkes say it has been going on since the family moved in in May near Blue Diamond Road and Durango Drive.
"When I saw him huddled it just broke my heart and I'm like I have to videotape this ... I'm done," said Mike Burke. "I'm done playing with these people."
Jen Burke keeps a log for how often the dog is outside. She says sometimes it's for two to three days at a time. 
Most times, the dog is barking and pacing back and forth, she says. The Burkes believe the dog is crying for help.
"The way he digs at the concrete and just paces, like he will pace for 12 hours, he hardly ever lays down," said Jen Burke.
The Burkes have called police, animal control, and their homeowners association many times. Now, the video of the pit bull huddling under an awning in the rain is circulating Facebook and causing many to get upset.
The Burkes wish their neighbors would accept help.
"We've been over there ten times," Mike Burke said. "We're your neighbors we would like to talk to you. We know they are inside and they just won't answer the door. They never answer the door."
They say they won't give up.
"They can hate me, they can call me whatever name they want," Mike Burke said. "It will be me, fine. I'm going to stand up and I'm going to say this is wrong and as a society we need to fix it."
Animal Control confirms they are investigating.