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Neighbors fighting back against squatters

Posted at 6:26 PM, Mar 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-25 22:00:49-04
A valley neighborhood is ganging up against the squatters taking over their block.
Neighbors told 13 Action News shortly after a house was foreclosed on, people moved in.
"They're sweeping the driveway like they live there," said Vincent Barajas, who lives near the squatter house. "Soon after that I started feeling uncomfortable to sleep at night when they're there."
Barajas said the people squatting here have taken things out of his truck and off neighbors' porches. He no longer feels safe at his own home. Another neighbor said they rigged the power meter to steal utilities.
Some have even seen them using meth and harassing neighbors.
"Some other people that I've known in the neighborhood, I guess they've seen them over on their side of the neighborhood," Barajas said.
Barajas said they are serial squatters, moving from one vacant home to another when they get locked out.
Clark County Code Enforcement boarded the home up this week, and said they will be back in the next couple weeks to clean up the outside.
Now, the county will put a lien against the home, in hopes it will prompt the owner to take responsibility.
Police said they have responded to this house three times in sixty days. One of those times was because NV Energy told them the people were stealing power.