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North Las Vegas neighbors keep fighting to stop 24-hour Jack in the Box

Posted at 12:04 AM, Sep 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-08 03:12:55-04
The saga continues for people living in a quiet North Las Vegas neighborhood. They've been fighting to keep a "new neighbor" out for months now-- a 24-hour Jack in the Box.
The 24-hour Jack in the Box would go in an empty lot at the corner of Centennial and Aliante parkways. It happens to back up to a wall and behind that wall is nearly a dozen homes.
Back in April, Jack in the Box pursued a special use permit to be able to set up shop in that lot.
"It's right in our backyard and we oppose that," said one neighbor.
For the last four months, it's been a constant fight between neighbors who live behind the wall and Jack in the Box. The city of North Las Vegas is stuck in the middle.
"This is a family community but we have gotta fight to keep it that way," said Yvonne Hooks.
Neighbors feel the 24-hour fast food joint would be a noisy nuisance and attract a rowdy crowd.
"No one is going to call when the boom box pulls in there outside our bedroom window at 3 a.m.," said one resident as he spoke at the podium at Wednesday night's city council meeting. "There won't be a cruiser there to stop it. But we're up!"
A vote to approve or deny the permit was supposed to take place at the city council meeting but for the fourth time in four months, it was postponed. The attorney representing some of the residents hopes to reach a compromise with Jack in the Box over the next month to avoid having to vote. They hope to compromise on a closing time for the drive-thru and some thicker landscaping like taller trees to block the noise.
"As long as we are in this together, they've gotta give something, we're gonna give, they must give something ... concessions," said upset resident Don Hooks.
Everyone will meet again Oct. 5 and a decision is expected to be made then.