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Neighbors disturbed by a lot of dead rabbits in the street

Posted at 10:31 PM, Jul 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-14 10:42:50-04
Neighbors near Floyd Lamb Park are finding dead bunnies on their streets. Some of them think they aren't just unfortunate roadkill.
"It's very frustrating," said Frank Lewis. "And it's concerning. Yeah sure it's emotional. A lot of my neighbors enjoy having them within their yards. A lot of my neighbors put out food for them. But I guess some people are trying to kill them."
Lewis says he's seen a handful of dead bunnies in his neighborhood just in the last few weeks. He and his neighbors believe the rabbits are being shot to death.
"This is something that's happening in a residential community," he said. "That my neighbors and I believe should not happen."
Lewis says since school let out, it's been happening more. He can really only think of one reason why.
"We do believe that it's probably kids, older kids if you will, that are doing this. And they need to be corrected."
Lewis and his neighbors are so disturbed, they've contacted their HOA president about the issue as well as the Nevada Department of Wildlife.
"They're like, it looks like they were run over," Lewis said. "Well of course they were. After they were shot, somebody ran them over."
The Nevada Department of Wildlife told 13 Action News, they have no reason to believe the rabbits are being shot. The department suggests the rabbits are being run over.