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Neighbors concerned by marijuana dispensaries in residential areas

Permit for new dispensary likely to be denied
Posted at 7:07 PM, Sep 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-21 17:26:31-05

Neighbors living near Sahara and Fort Apache say they're concerned by a possible marijuana dispensary coming to their neighborhood.

The proposal from Chalice Farms, based in Oregon, would open a dispensary in what used to be a veterinary clinic in a shopping center.

But that would require a special use permit from the city of Las Vegas' planning department. On Wednesday, the city of Las Vegas confirmed that the permit is moving forward to the City Council in October with a recommendation of denial. 

Some neighbors argue the area isn't suited for dispensaries.

While the city has seen many dispensaries popping up in industrial areas, more residential areas are much less common.

"I think just keep it away from a dense area where there's a lot of families, that's fine," one neighbor says.

The city sent out notices to many neighbors soliciting their opinion on allowing the permits, and the feedback was almost all negative.

But Chalice Farms says they've opened stores in suburban areas before in other states and says perceptions tend to change once they actually open.

They say their stores blend in with other shops, and are designed in a way that makes people more comfortable.

"Our stores are kind of set up more in that Apple style where you can move freely throughout the store where they can get that one on one customer service experience," a representative of the company told us.