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Neighbors concerned about local gangs

Posted at 5:59 PM, Jun 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-01 21:11:21-04
A Las Vegas valley neighborhood is begging for help after a teenager was gunned down while playing soccer. Neighbors say they want police to know it's part of a growing gang problem in Las Vegas.  
We took their concerns straight to 13 Action News Crime & Safety Expert Retired Lt. Randy Sutton.
"They're everywhere. There's thousands and thousands of gang members that belong to a myriad of gangs," said Sutton.
Sutton says it's a problem that local police gang units have been battling for years.
There is graffiti on walls in the area near Carey Avenue and North Las Vegas Boulevard.  
Sutton says it's difficult to tell exactly which group is responsible for the tagging, but the graffiti is about intimidation and power.
"It's saying this is my area, our area and don't come into it," said Sutton.
We asked Sutton for advice about how families can stay safe.
"It's about parenting and trying to keep to keep your kids close to you," said Sutton. "The police can only do so much. It takes a real strong community effort."
North Las Vegas police didn't want to discuss the issue because they say it could glorify gangs.