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Neighbors battle over fate of vacant lot in Southern Highlands

Posted at 12:02 AM, Sep 16, 2016

A fight is brewing over a piece of land in Southern Highlands.

Dozens of neighbors came out Thursday night to argue against the building of an apartment complex near Cactus Avenue and Valley View Boulevard.

Almost as soon as the meeting started, the hands shot up with their questions and accusations for Bob Gronauer, the attorney who was representing Picerne Development. Picerne Development wants to buy the lot contingent on the success of the rezoning that would allow them to build multi-story apartments.

People like Mary Ann Rego feel the traffic in the area is already bad enough. Adding more people would only make the congestion worse, she says.

"Their concern is legitimate today about the traffic," Gronauer said.

He added that development would include expanding the roads and adding traffic signals.

Both sides used this opportunity Thursday to be heard.

"We all need to come together as a community and stand up for our community changes," Rego said. "We all love living there but we don't like the changes that we're seeing."

Gronauer says he plans to meet with the neighbors several more times to go over the project design. He says his clients are open to making changes.

The town board meets in November, where a recommendation will be made to Clark County on whether to allow the apartment project to go through.