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Neighborhood outraged by alleged HOA hate letter

Posted at 7:20 PM, Nov 16, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-16 22:20:40-05
People living in one valley neighborhood are outraged because someone's been sending racist letters using the stamp of their homeowner's association.
The letter is written in all capitals, it reads: "To all Spring Valley home owners we ask that you stop renting your homes to Blacks, Orientals, Jews, Arabs. We want to keep our neighborhood white."
"It's pretty threatening," said Brandon Evans, who lives in the neighborhood.
There's even a swastika drawn on it. On the bottom is what looks like a stamp from the Spring Valley Neighborhood Homeowners Association and it's written on letterhead from the law firm representing the HOA. 
Neighbors said the message is both disturbing and strange because it is such a diverse area.
"I think it's a crock, I mean from that letter, I mean this neighborhood hasn't been white for years," said Mark Williams, who lives in the area. "I'm half Mexican myself. So, it's like, who cares."
Williams said he's shocked anyone in his quiet neighborhood would send such a hateful letter. 
"Personally, if I found out who did it, I would try to get them kicked out you know cause hate's bull," said Williams.
Despite the stamp and letterhead, the homeowners association said it has nothing to do with the letters. In fact, people there are just as upset as neighbors.
The homeowners association said it knows of at least two people in the neighborhood who've gotten the letter and is desperate to find out who's sending them. It's even gotten the FBI involved.
"I think it's great, bust the son of a, and put em in prison, it's hate mail," said Mark Williams about the HOA contacting the FBI.
"We don't need this in our neighborhood, we have a nice neighborhood and we want to keep it that way, and by this I mean hatred," said neighbor Jim Arnold.
The FBI confirms it has been asked to look into the letters.
The homeowners association want's anyone who's gotten one of the letters to  let them know,  especially if it is still in the envelope. It could help authorities find those responsible.