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Neighborhood fed up with vandalism and break-ins

Posted at 11:52 PM, Jul 20, 2016
A neighborhood near Charleston Boulevard and Hualapai Way is fed up with the amount of vandalism they've been dealing with since summer started.
Anne Dremann heads up the neighborhood watch group. In her 10 years living there, she says this summer has been the worst for vandalism and car break-ins.
"Cars are being smashed at night, windows, they go out to their car, to find the car has been ransacked," said Dremann.
Sometimes, people in this neighborhood wake up to find their vehicles have been egged.
"They went through and just drove down egging, egging, egging!" said Dremann.
Dremann and her neighbors can't figure out exactly who is causing this mischief but one of them thinks he's seen the vandals before. That neighbor is blaming teens for the trouble.
"I've seen the people try to get into the vehicle, people try to wiggle the door handle, try to open it," said one man who does not want to be identified.
This same man has to park his commercial vehicle behind his home on the main street due to HOA regulations.
"Vehicles are getting egged, they're trying to vandalize up and down no matter what we do," said the man. "I've called security and I've called them at 2 a.m."
The man moved to this neighborhood from a different part of town, specifically to get away from these types of crimes. But he finds himself essentially sleeping with one eye open to make sure his property is safe.
"I have it locked and I'm constantly watching out of the top floor of the house," he said.
Police say they are looking into this to catch the vandals.