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Neighbor wants to turn area into Airbnb haven

Posted at 6:25 PM, Jun 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-08 21:40:34-04

Neighbors say the area near 10th and Bonanza has been plagued with squatter. Now some are hoping to turn it around with Airbnb rentals.

Dan Romano says many homes in the area would be perfect for Airbnb rentals.

He says even though his neighborhood is right near both Cashman Field and downtown, it gets a bad reputation.

"Everyone tells them don't go over there, something bad will happen," Romano says.

His house is complete with a pool, a poolhouse, and cool vintage Vegas signs.  He wants to be able to rent out his poolhouse.

But a new proposal being debated by the City of Las Vegas could hurt that idea.  The proposal would limit short term rentals like Airbnb in the city. It would require special permits, and also ban rentals for side properties like poolhouses or trailers.

The plan is supported by some residents who have complained about Airbnbs leading to large party houses and noise complaints.

But Romano thinks Airbnb could actually help revitalize his neighborhood.

The plan is being debated for public comment on June 19th, and a final vote could happen on June 21st.