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Police arrest one suspect in viral burglary

Posted at 5:46 AM, Dec 11, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-11 08:46:29-05
UPDATE: Las Vegas police confirm that one person has been arrested so far in this crime. Police have apprehended Arron Lair. 
Court records show Lair was arrested on Dec. 2 on charges connected to the Nov. 10 burglary.
Those same records show police obtained an arrest warrant for the 32-year-old just eight days after the crime.
He is scheduled back in court Dec. 21 for a preliminary hearing.
Now the man behind that viral video is speaking out to Action News. 
"I just grabbed the gun," said neighbor Brett McCann. "I held it in my hand at my waist line."
The homeowner, who didn't want her name released, said the break-in happened Tuesday morning near Lake Mead and Rampart.  
"It makes you feel uneasy," said the woman. "I worry about my kids, they don't feel good."
It all began after an alarm linked to the homeowner's cell phone went off. The homeowner called 911, and then neighbor Brett McCann.
McCann immediately sprang into action.  
"What are you guys doing?" McCann said in the viral video as four men rushed out from the home.
"It's my neighbor's house, police are coming right now," said McCann.  
McCann is a veteran who spent more than two decades in the Air Force. He said his training kicked in. 
"Keep assessment of the whole situation, watch for weapons, make sure I'm safe," said McCann.  
Retired Lt. Randy Sutton said the short confrontation could have been extremely dangerous.  
"The world could have changed for a lot of different people in that 30 seconds," said Lt. Sutton, "When a criminal is confronted like that and they go into a panic."
While the video will probably lead to the arrest of the alleged suspects, Lt. Sutton said folks should keep their distance.  
"I obviously felt like this possibly could end up in a very bad situation for me," said McCann.