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Nearly 800 homes, apartments could soon come to Centennial Hills

Posted at 8:20 AM, Jan 28, 2019

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Nearly 800 new homes and apartments could soon come to Centennial Hills in the northwest area of the valley.

The Las Vegas City Council recently approved plans to build close to 800 homes and apartments on the former Great Mall of Las Vegas site near US 95 and the 215 beltway. This new project which is a sign of our fast-growing home building industry. But it is getting mixed reactions from neighbors.

Postcards and emails neighbors sent to the city show some are supporting the project. Others expressed concern about parking, green space and decreasing property values among others.

We went to the planned site near US 95 and the 215 where some neighbors tell us, they see the both the negative and positive impact this new development brings to their area.

Families living in Centennial Hills say they love the area for many reasons. The northwest valley attracts people who want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Rebecca Muldrow says, "This is a great family area and i really hope it stays that way."

But she fears this new development could change that.

Developers have their eye on the site for the Great Mall of Las Vegas but those plans were scrapped when the economy tanked about a decade ago. KB Home and The Calida Group's plan calls for nearly 800 single-family homes and apartments to be built in that area.

When word of the new housing development got out, neighbors expressed some concerns.

Chelsey Mae says, "There's definitely reason to be opposed especially considering inflation of population and how many people we have up here."

"Even like with crime, crime can go up and everything just because there are so many more people," Muldrow adds.

They're also worried about increased traffic. But in the city council meeting, a representative for developer KB Home homes said there will be a public access road connecting Oso Blanca and Grand Montecito, easing traffic going east and west.

We reached out to the developers. KB Home said they cannot comment since they don't own the land yet. As of this writing, The Calida Group has yet to respond.

As for neighbors, though concerned, they understand it's all growing pains.

"We don't know what's going to happen... hopefully it stays quiet," says Muldrow.

Mae says, "There's always setbacks to every part of construction especially but it's always great to have more people in a thriving community such as Vegas."

During the city council meeting, the representative for the developers said they worked with neighbors with this plan -- holding neighborhood meetings, phone calls, conversations with them to make changes that would benefit both developers and the community.