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Nearly 40 unsolved homicides from 2016

Posted at 11:18 PM, Dec 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-30 02:50:32-05
As we near 2017, we looked back at the 166 homicides of 2016 here in Las Vegas.
Las Vegas police have solved nearly 76 percent of them. But that means there's about 40 homicide cases with killers on the loose right now.
Police admit it's hard to prioritize the cases but say there's a few that stick out because of how simply innocent the victims were.
First, Heriberto Diaz-Marcial was killed in the early hours of Feb. 20 on East Lake Mead Boulevard near Marion Drive.
"He was killed right on that corner like a minute from his house on the way home after work," said Lt. Dan McGrath.
Lt. McGrath says he was a hard-working family man. He was robbed of only his cell phone by three or four men and then shot once, causing him to die moments later.
Police have reached a dead end on this case.
Next, Mark Santee was killed April 27 when he was shot multiple times at an under construction apartment complex near Russell Road and the 215 beltway.
Santee was a security guard and was trying to stop some people from committing a burglary.
"He was in a fight," said Lt. McGrath. "His clothes were all ripped. He put up a fight too. He was in a fight and he put up a fight."
Police have good leads on this case and may be able to make some arrests soon.
Next, 61-year-old Kathleen Ploutz was found dead on Boulder Beach near Lake Mead on July 18.
Police say she was brutally stabbed multiple times.
They think someone picked her up from her home the night before and drove her to Boulder Beach where she was killed.
Police say Ploutz was a mother and very nice, innocent lady and cannot understand a motive for the death.
Lastly, 38-year-old David Teel was killed Oct. 11 near Ogden Avenue and 15th Street.
Police say the newlywed and veteran was on his way to catch a bus to go to work when he was involved in a robbery gone wrong.
"We believe he probably put up a fight and refused to cooperate (with the robbers)," Lt. McGrath said.
Police say there were no cameras or witnesses in the area.
Along with these four homicides, police have about 35 other unsolved homicides from 2016.
If you have any information at all on any of them, you are urged to call Crime Stoppers at 702-385-5555. You could be eligible for a cash reward.