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Navada to receive $204 million for military, veterans projects

Navada to receive $204 million for military, veterans projects
Posted at 6:18 PM, Oct 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-02 18:05:21-04
On Oct. 1, Senator Harry Reid announced that Nevada will receive $204 million in federal funding for military and veterans projects. An additional $90 million will be allocated nationwide for the construction of state veteran extended care facilities, including one to be built in Reno.
The $204,381,300 in funding will finance projects at Nellis Air Force Base, Naval Air Station Fallon, and Reno VA Medical Center.
Funded projects are detailed below:
Nellis Air Force Base: Construction of two new jet fuel truck fill stands and one new pump house to support the fuel requirements of additional F-35A aircraft arriving at the base.
Naval Air Station Fallon: Construction of an Air Wing Simulator Facility that will support desk-style aircraft simulators, Virtual Aegis Combat simulators, F-35 Mission Rehearsal Trainers, and Unmanned Aerial System simulators, E-2D simulators and support spaces.
Reno VA Medical Center: Renovation of approximately 98,400 gross square feet of Building 1 by seismically correcting the building, correcting all facility condition assessment deficiencies and demolishing a portion of the building. The project will also fund a clinical expansion of 166,000 gross square feet to correct space deficiencies. Upon completion, Building 1 will be transformed into a modern structure supporting healthcare for veterans.
Nationwide Grants for State Extended Care Facilities: Construction of state home facilities, for furnishing domiciliary or nursing home care to veterans, and to expand, remodel or alter existing buildings for furnishing domiciliary or nursing home care to veterans in state homes. The additional funding will allow the Veterans Administration to rapidly move through the nationwide backlog of Veterans Extended Care Facilities and expedite the planning and eventual construction of the Veterans Extended Care Facility in Reno.