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Florida woman found unconscious in McDonald's bathroom with crying baby

Posted at 1:21 PM, Sep 28, 2017

On Wednesday, a Florida McDonald's employee discovered a woman unconscious on the bathroom floor with a 5-month-old boy in a car seat crying beside her.

When Palm Beach Sheriff's Office deputies arrived at the suburban West Palm Beach restaurant, they found Kristan Lucas groaning and vomiting in a stall. They also noticed a hypodermic needle on the sink.

The employee who found Lucas and her manager tried to revive the woman. The employee said Lucas was "completely knocked out" and would not wake up despite their attempts to push on her arm and making noises.

The employee said that when Lucas woke up shortly after she claimed she had suffered froma "dizzy spell" and started to vomit in the other stall.

The baby was checked by paramedics and had a very wet diaper and was extremely dehydrated. Paramedics got a baby bottle of water from Lucas' vehicle, which the baby drank quickly.

Lucas' mother was notified of the situation and explained that her daughter has an extensive drug history and had recently left a detox center.

Fire Rescue took Lucas to JFK North for medical treatment. She was searched and a metal spoon was found in her pocket.

Lucas was charged with child neglect.