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Wisconsin high school students call dress code sexist

Posted at 8:03 PM, Oct 25, 2017

Students in Kenosha, Wisconsin say the district dress code is sexist and unreasonable.  They took their concerns to the school board.

"We're not trying to by any means take out the entire dress code, but rather just refocus it to better refine how it's addressed," said Alexa Grosz, senior.

Indian Trail senior Alexa Grosz was sent to the office for wearing an off the shoulder sweater.  She wore the outfit that got her in trouble in front of the school board Tuesday.

"It's very degrading to have to be called out of class for my shoulders showing," said Grosz.

The Kenosha Unified School District dress code says tops "must cover chest and undergarments at all times."  

"A lot of the policies that are in the dress code are at the expense of young women," said Grosz.

The students leading the charge for change are part of the school's Women's Right and Empowerment Group.  They're asking for a more progressive dress code.

"Different girls talk about their experiences and how it's made them feel.  It's how they felt uncomfortable, insecure, not wanting to come to school or not wanting to come to different classes," said Alicia Lorta, senior.

"There are times when you fear getting up to get a calculator because you're afraid that you'll be looked at for wearing the wrong type of pants," said Grosz.

The policy bans leggings and yoga pants unless they're under dresses and skirts.

"Sweat pants and basketball shorts are still permitted," said Grosz.

Students hope the board will make changes similar to other high school dress codes they've found in other parts of the country.

"Just finding what is a distraction verses what is someone blowing something out of proportion," said Grosz.

"I feel like this is the impact that we're gonna leave when we graduate," said Lorta.

The students said board members seemed to appreciate them brining the issue to their attention.  They plan to address the board again next month.  

The policy states, "If there is a disagreement between students and/or parents and the staff regarding the appropriateness of clothing, the principal will make the final determination."

View the entire dress code here.

We did not hear back from KUSD for comment.