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WHO investigators say COVID-19 was spreading in October 2019

Posted at 7:55 AM, Feb 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-11 11:15:38-05

The World Health Organization investigators say COVID-19 may have been spreading in central China as early as October of 2019.

That's two months earlier than first revealed by the Chinese government.

In the meantime, hundreds of soldiers are being deployed to Los Angeles to give out coronavirus vaccines.

But Dodger Stadium, one of the largest vaccination sites in the country, is being forced to close for two days because of a lack of doses.

"It is conceivable that we are turning the corner on this, but we've been fooled before with different surges that came back." said Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Chief Medical Adviser on COVID-19.

The Biden Administration promising a boost in vaccine shipments in the days ahead as Pfizer and Moderna ramp-up production.