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What state hates your least favorite food as much as you do?

Posted at 4:02 PM, Sep 12, 2017

We all have the one food that just grosses us out, even though other people seem to love it. But if you need proof that you aren't alone when it comes to your food preferences, Teresa Strasser has got your proof with a list of 5 foods and food habits people hate the most in their state.

7. Gluten-Free - Wyoming

In Wyoming, people are completely disinterested in anyone's gluten intolerance because they hate gluten-free stuff. But can you really blame them? Their main crops are hay, barley, and wheat - AKA, gluten.

We just feel for the 9 Wyomingites that actually do have issues with gluten and have to eat their gluten-free mac-and-cheese in secret. No one should have to enjoy mac-and-cheese in secret.

6. Flaming Hot Cheetos - Colorado

Apparently, you can hold the Flaming Hot on Colorado's Cheetos. The state hates that flavor and we're pretty surprised. We imagine that at around 1 a.m. sales of Flaming Hot Cheetos would be going through the roof, but then again, maybe that's why they hate them so much - no one likes being an easy punchline about the munchies.

That doesn't make those punchlines any less hilarious, though...especially when you've got the giggles.

5. Keurig K-Cups - Washington

It makes sense that the people of Washington, the literal home of coffee, are not big fans of K-cups. If you spilled a latte on the streets of Seattle, the droplets would probably splash on the doorstep of another coffee shop.

Our question is, do the people of Washington hate K-cups in general, or just hate Keurig brand cups? Because if it's the latter, that just seems like a brand thing to us - hipsters do love their individuality.

4. La Croix - Nevada

People in Nevada hate the super trendy soda water, probably because their state is right next to California, and you know the who's who in LA is drinking it. Nevada citizens can probably see the piles of cans growing out of California recycling centers from their homes.

3. Biting Into String Cheese - Illinois

Note: Illinois doesn't just hate string cheese - they hate people that bite into them. Which, may sound kind of arbitrary...but it's called string cheese! It's for stringing! If you want to bite into a piece of cheese, go buy a block of cheese; or a Lunchables pack or something (just don't tell Wisconsin - they hate Lunchables)...

2. Ordering a Well Done Steak - Texas

In probably the most non-surprising twist, the Lone Star State, home of cowboys, football and beef, would prefer it if you didn't order your steak well done. It puts them in a bad mooooo-d.

Now, we're not going to tell you how to live your life - I actually grew up eating well done steak because my dad thought it was more "food safe". I always thought it tasted just fine...until I had a medium steak. So if you're a well done usual, try a less cooked steak, at least once. It might just change your life.

1. Hummus - Kentucky

If you're going to a party at the home of someone that lives in Kentucky, do not bring a veggie plate with a big tub of hummus in the middle - they do not hum for hummus.

The treat is popular for many people looking to snack the healthy way, but I guess when your state is literally synonymous with some of the most famous fried chicken in the world, you might have different ideas on what a "healthy snack" might be.

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