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What not to buy at dollar stores

Posted at 2:05 PM, Jun 21, 2017

Everyone loves a good deal and when you’re only paying a dollar for a product, every item in the store looks great. But, there might be some discount store deals that aren't worth your money and could even be bad for your health. 

A report done by Healthy Stuff tested more than 164 products found at discount stores like the Dollar Store, Dollar Tree and the 99 Cent store. They tested for BPA, bromine, chlorine, and lead. They compiled a list of what to avoid buying at the discount store. 

When it comes to the electronic aisle, you'll want to cruise on past it. Tests showed many of the products like HDMI chords have high levels of chlorine. Those who love getting a great deal on batteries, well sorry to say those are also on the list of what not to buy.

It might be summer time and you are looking for cooking essentials, but experts say to steer clear of any plastic utensils, cookware and plastic containers. The plastic tested high of bromine. 

One surprising item that you shouldn't pick up at the discount store is canned goods. The lining of many of the cans tested high for BPA. 

Parents those dollar toys you want to buy your kids are also on the do not buy list. Tests found traces of lead on many of the items. 

According to the Mayo Clinic there have been some research findings that show BPA can have a negative affect on the brain. Chlorine and bromine are also a health hazard and can negatively affect your immune system if consumed. 

But, the question a lot of people want to know is, how can these items even be purchased at any discount store.

We reached out to watchdog group Healthy Stuff and they say, "The government regulations are the same, we have very weak regulations on the chemicals that are allowed in consumer products. However, some retailers have been more proactive in recent years to create chemicals policies and remove toxic products from store shelves. The same pressure is needed at discount stores."

Although, some items are not worth the money, there are some great deals at discount stores. They include, party decorations, books, greeting cards and even reading glasses.