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WaPo: Trump lawyers trying to get ahead of Mueller interview

Posted at 3:00 PM, Mar 19, 2018

Lawyers for President Donald Trump recently provided the special counsel's office with documents in an attempt to limit the scope of an interview between Trump and special counsel Robert Mueller, The Washington Post reported Monday.

Two people familiar with the situation told the Post that Trump's attorneys are worried that the President could get into trouble during a lengthy interview with the special counsel, and therefore provided "written descriptions" of moments under investigation to limit some of the questioning.

News of the attempt by Trump's attorneys came after a weekend where the President railed repeatedly against the Russia investigation, implying the special counsel team is politically biased against him and saying the probe itself should never have begun.

Additionally, John Dowd, a lawyer for Trump, said in a statement on Saturday that he prayed Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein would end the investigation. And sources told CNN on Monday that Trump is expected to hire Joseph diGenova, an attorney who has claimed people in the Justice Department and FBI are trying to frame the President.

The comments prompted warnings from some Republicans, and despite further warnings about the consequences of trying to force an end to the probe, lawmakers played down the need to take up special legislation to protect Mueller from the President.

The Post cited one person as saying Trump has told aides he is "champing at the bit" for an interview with the special counsel.

Trump said in January that he wanted to speak, under oath, with Mueller, and Dowd said shortly after the comment that he would be the one to decide if the President would do so.

CNN reported last month that Trump still wanted to sit for an interview with Mueller, despite concerns from his attorneys. Last week, a source confirmed to CNN that Mueller had subpoenaed the Trump Organization for business documents.