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Want Girl Scout cookies? Try Grubhub

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Posted at 6:22 PM, Jan 15, 2021

You can order almost anything online these days. Now, with a few clicks, Girl Scout cookies can show up on your doorstep, courtesy of Grubhub. The new partnership, developed out of the pandemic, will help Girl Scouts sell safely.

“I sold over 4,000 boxes (in 2020),” said 14-year-old Heidi Maria, who is quite the sales scout.

The Girl Scout cadet lives in Southeast Florida. Her council represents six counties. She was the No. 2 seller last year with a whopping 4,435 boxes.

She says, “It took many many hours.”

And she's not kidding.

“Cookie booths, soccer games or any sports that I or my brother was in. I would sell to the parents, going to door to door, a lot of cookie booths, every day, after school, homework at the booth too, and weekends,” Heidi said. “It was a lot of work but definitely worth it.”

This year, none of those things will happen, so her council got creative. Instead of seeing Heidi at a physical booth in front of a store, you'll see her picture on a cardboard cutout, directing buyers online.

“Customers get so happy when they see girls in front of grocery stores selling thin mints and all of their favorite Girl Scout cookies and so they’re also really excited to bring these moments of joy to their consumers,” said Kelly Parisi, head of communications for Girls Scouts of the USA. “We’ve had a rough year plus and everybody could use a little joy.”

The pandemic hit in the middle of cookie season last year, and it of course, threw everyone off. This year, they're ready for it.

“Girls are going to be setting up virtual cookie booths and you can order on your phone, on the Grubhub app and girls will be packaging and getting the cookies ready for delivery and the drivers will come in and deliver them to your doorstep,” Parisi said.

Parisi added it's happening in most cities across the U.S. and it's entirely contactless.

“The Grubhub partnership works by councils who have been set up and provided space for girls to come in with adult supervision where they’re getting the order in real time, packaging the cookies and leaving them in a space where the Grubhub delivery driver comes and picks it up so there’s no interaction with the girls or the adults,” Parisi said.

While booth and cookie sales will look vastly different to us all, it's allowed girls like Heidi to think outside the cardboard box. Heidi says she'll (sell) “definitely at least 2,000. I want to at least do that. I think I can do it, especially with Grubhub. They take the cookies to the customer safely.”

Heidi, whose cookie sales were inspired by a trip to London, said the sky is the limit for Girl Scouts everywhere who aspire to "change the world."

“I like to be a leader and an example to the other girls,” Heidi said. “Maybe the other girls will sell more cookies too. That will help the council and benefit them and their troop. I think it’s a good thing to be a role model.”

If you're looking for cookies, head to Grubhub, or Girl Scouts of the USA.