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Video shows waitress dragging giant lizard out of restaurant

Incident took place in Australia restaurant
Video shows waitress dragging giant lizard out of restaurant
Posted at 5:24 PM, Feb 21, 2017

A video published on Facebook captured a waitress grabbing a 6-foot lizard by the tail and dragging it out of a restaurant in front of customers in New South Wales, Australia on Sunday. 

The video, which has been viewed more than 400,000 times, shows Samia Lila removing the lizard out of Mimosa Wines in New South Wales, as customers cheered her on. According to Australian news agency ABC News, Lila was working at the restaurant on a working holiday from France.

"Every time he tried to reach me, I just lift him up. He's quite heavy," Lila told ABC News."I just figured if I do this, he's never going to reach my hand, and I was just focused on his mouth."

Lila's boss, was impressed with the waitress' fearlessness. 

"She's terrified of spiders," Glen Butson told ABC News. "I never knew we had so many in the vineyard. She scans for them [and] can spot a daddy-long-legs at 40 meters, but she had no fear at all of that goanna."

According to the Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park, goannas are predatory lizards with sharp teeth and claws. The park said that a goanna typically will run away from humans, but will fight if grabbed.