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Video: Car slides into Trump's motorcade route after brakes go out

Posted at 7:14 AM, Aug 31, 2017

Timing is everything. Unfortunately, good timing was not on the side of a driver in Springfield, Missouri on Wednesday during President Trump's visit to the Show-Me-State.

As the presidential motorcade headed back to the Springfield National-Airport and awaiting Air Force One, supporters and protesters lining the street saw something strange.

A car appears to come out of a grove of trees and enter the secured motorcade route just seconds after the limousine carrying President Trump passed by. 

Police confirm that the driver lost control of the car in the Bass Pro Shops warehouse parking lot before it went down an embankment and onto the motorcade route. Several officers left the motorcade to investigate the incident. The driver was not injured.

The video below was uploaded to YouTube by a spectator. 

Editor's note: The tilting of the YouTube video was created by the spectator who uploaded it and does not necessarily reflect an accurate representation of what happened.