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Veterinarian collecting food for rescued Montana huskies

Posted at 7:45 PM, Dec 11, 2019

The Billings Animal Family Hospital is launching an effort to help lessen the strain on a western Montana group that took in 30 wild husky dogs by donating dog food to the cause.

The Bitter Root Humane Association has both adult dogs and puppies, so any type of food is welcomed.

Many of the dogs have not been around people, so it will take workers more time to determine personalities and find the right homes.

"One of our relief vets that is here this week, Dr. Meg, she's from the Bitterroot Valley area and she's telling us about all the huskies that had been rescued. And 30 to 40 dogs is a lot of dogs to support for food and necessities like that," Billings Animal Family Hospital technician Chanda Fulkerson said. "So after she is done here, she's going to go back that way, and she volunteered to take some food with her. So we thought we would reach out to the public and if they wanted to donate then we'd load her car up and get some food to the huskies."

Billings Animal Family Hospital will be collecting through Thursday.

This article was written by Jenny Fick for KTVQ .