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Vaccine proof might be required for travelers in future

Posted at 8:01 AM, Mar 11, 2021

A new survey released by The Points Guy shows 76% of travelers would be more willing to visit a place that required vaccine proof.

Now the question is will it be necessary to have a vaccine passport to be able to travel?

Experts say the answer is complicated.

Firstly not enough people are eligible for the vaccine at this time.

Due to this, a vaccine passport may be seen as discriminatory.

There's also no plan in place yet about the logistics.

"Who would issue those? How would you receive them? Who would validate them? I'm afraid there would be a whole industry in forgeries that would immediately spring up in different places around the world." said Dr. William Schaffner, infectious diseases professor at Vanderbilt Medical Center

Forgery is a big concern.

Right now the only proof of vaccination is the paper card that's handwritten.

Experts say we need something that can't be replicated and it would likely need to be digital.