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United passenger says he was stung by scorpion during flight

United passenger says he was stung by scorpion during flight
Posted at 10:19 AM, Apr 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-13 13:19:54-04

A passenger on a United Airlines flight says he was stung by a scorpion on a flight from Houston to Calgary on Sunday.

According to CNBC, the scorpion fell from the overhead bin and stung passenger Richard Bell on the head. The crew immediately consulted a physician on the ground who determined the man’s injuries were not life-threatening.

According to the Washington Post, the scorpion was brought on the plane by a couple returning from a trip to Mexico. The creature was eventually flushed down the plane’s toilet.

Bell described the bite as feeling like a “wasp sting,” and said he’s otherwise OK.

The incident occurred on the same day that a United passenger was forcibly dragged off a flight in order to accommodate airline employees. The passenger allegedly suffered a significant concussion, missing teeth and a broken nose. United has since offered three separate apologies, seen its stock price dip and faced calls to investigate the incident from US Senators.

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