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Uber's new electric bikes JUMP may be coming to a city near you

Posted at 11:57 AM, Aug 17, 2018

Uber is adding another transportation option on its app: the electric bike.

The new electric motor option called JUMP is just in a few cities right now, but the company hopes to soon make it nationwide.

“It's part of a growing mobile effort by Uber to provide all kinds of modes of transportation,” says Dave Nelson, director of operations for JUMP Bikes. “JUMP is an electric, dockless bike that allows you to go further faster and have more fun doing it.”  

Similar to electric scooters, the bikes start at $1; for every minute after the first, it costs $0.15.

Users log into their Uber app in order to request the bike. The app tells you where the bike is located. Once you find your bike, you simply punch in a code and the bike is yours to use.

So, what makes Jump bikes different than the motorized transportation options already available?

“It is a dockless bike that allows you to pick it up, lock it, drop it off anywhere that's convenient for you,” explains Nelson. “And then, the biggest difference is, that it's electric. It takes you 20 miles per hour and lets you get to where you are going a little quicker.”