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Truckload of manure dumped on Ohio county's Democratic headquarters

Manure was also dumped during 2012 election
Posted at 3:10 PM, Oct 29, 2016

LEBANON, Ohio — As far as Bethe Goldenfield is concerned, there's no reason to make a mountain of a manure hill.

Just like in 2012, she said, somebody dumped a load of manure at the Warren County Democratic Party headquarters in Ohio.

Rachel Harvey Katz, regional press secretary for Democrat Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, said a volunteer found the pile of poo Saturday morning.

This time, though, the building has a security camera, and it recorded somebody dumping the load at about midnight Saturday.

Goldenfield, county party chairwoman, said the Warren County Sheriff's Office was reviewing the footage.

It's a "minor blip on the radar," Goldenfield said; if anything, it's got people fired up.

"People are very motivated," she said.

David Pepper, state party chairman, said the Warren County headquarters is "one of our best performing offices."

Katz said volunteers and staffers spent Saturday cleaning up the mess.