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Cruz takes Alaska, wrapping up Super Tuesday

Cruz takes Alaska, wrapping up Super Tuesday
Posted at 1:04 AM, Mar 02, 2016
It was indeed a Super Tuesday for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.
Walking away even more solidified as frontrunners for their respective parties, both candidates are leading significantly, with Trump winning a total of at least 285 delegates and Clinton winning at least 1,005.
2,382 delegates are needed to secure the Democratic nomination, while 1,237 delegates are needed to win on the Republican side.
If we're looking at just Tuesday, Trump won at least 203 delegates. Cruz collected at least 144 delegates, while Rubio picked up at least 71.
Trump -- who on Tuesday dubbed his candidacy as an expanding "movement" -- snatched up Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Virginia and Vermont.
He lost only three states (Oklahoma, Texas and Alaska) to Ted Cruz and one to Rubio (Minnesota).
Rubio's win in Minnesota came as a bit of a surprise, and ironically followed a speech by Cruz, in which he urged other Republican candidates to consider dropping out of the race as they weren't racking up enough delegates.
Cruz is working to win over anti-Trump Republicans by casting himself as the only hope of beating Trump in his race to win the party’s nomination.
And although Cruz’s place as the nominee seems like a long shot, he’s continued to keep himself in the running. Alaska’s results were the last to come to fruition, proving it's not over yet for the Texas senator. 
As for the Democrats, Clinton picked up the most votes in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia – handing only two states (Oklahoma and Vermont) to Bernie Sanders.
Sanders' campaign has been hindered by a few setbacks -- for one, the Vermont senator's inability to get minority backing in an election projected to bring nearly half nonwhite voters. After Super Tuesday, he's secured at least 373 delegates.
The next chance for Sanders to get himself back into the game comes Saturday, when three states -- Kansas, Louisiana and Nebraska -- are up for grabs,
That same day, Republicans will battle it out in Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana and Maine.