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Student keeps Chick-fil-A safe during tornado warning

Posted at 12:18 PM, May 12, 2017

No "Chick" left behind. That was the philosophy of a college student in Springfield, Missouri who brought his his Chick-fil-A meal with him while taking shelter during a tornado warning. 

The catch? The Missouri State University student actually just decided to lift up the entire table and bring it with him to the basement.

Coll Carmean told the campus newspaper he didn't want to waste any time taking shelter. 

“Being in this kind of situation, I didn't want to waste any time packing my food back into my bag so I decided that it would be most efficient to carry the whole table and bring it with me,” Carmean said to The Standard. 

After the warning expired the college junior says he returned the table safely to its original home. The tweet has racked up several hundred retweets on Twitter.

No word yet from the Chick-fil-A as to whether they will recognize Carmean for his steps to protect their iconic sandwich.