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South Carolina flooding danger not over

South Carolina flooding danger not over
Posted at 8:10 AM, Oct 05, 2015

South Carolina cities have been hammered by rain in recent days, with Columbia getting more than 10 inches this weekend, and some places in Charleston reporting more than 2 feet.

The ensuing flooding has killed multiple people with different news outlets reporting different death tolls.

But people in South Carolina still need to bunker down after the historic flood.

On Saturday, President Barack Obama signed a statewide emergency declaration that went back to Thursday. The move allowed for federal assistance to help the state with the storm.

The rivers closer to the Atlantic Ocean will not crest until the weekend even though the rain is slowing down, said Storm Shield Meteorologist Jason Meyers. The delayed cresting is in part because all the excess water inland has to flow through the rivers near the coast as it tries to get to the ocean.

For more on flood safety precautions, watch this Storm Shield video.