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Seniors missing pandemic information due to a lack of internet

Posted at 7:21 AM, Feb 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-09 11:59:15-05

Many seniors are missing out on key information about the pandemic because they don't have access to the internet.

According to new numbers from Older Adults Technology Services, twenty million seniors in the U.S. don't have access to the internet.

"A lot of people are wanting to sign up for the vaccines and there's an absolute mess with a lot of older people who are trying to get in and register. And virtually all those registration are online." says Tom Kamber, Executive Director at O.A.T.S.

Seniors are also missing out on a lot of essential needs including online banking, ordering groceries, and socializing with friends and family.

There are resources to help older adults with computer and internet skills.

SeniorPlanet.org offers free classes on everything from the basics to video chatting.