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Select employers adding proof of vaccination for job applicants

Posted at 12:13 PM, Apr 29, 2021

Some employers are adding a new requirement for applicants: Proof of vaccination.

Companies say it is a job expectation to have at least one dose of the vaccine before you can start work.

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So, where does that leave you if you're in need of a job, but don't want to get the shot? It is legal for employers to require vaccines but there are exceptions.

"An employer still has to provide for an exception or accommodations for medical or religious reasons. And if a person asks for accommodations, especially for a medical reason, then they're really gonna have to tie that vaccine requirement to the requirements of the job," said Kevin Troutman, partner at Fisher Phillips.

Even if an employer cannot grant any accommodations due to lack of resources or other reasons, legally they must at least consider dismissing the vaccine requirement.