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San Diego man recalls heroic actions that took down mass shooter

Justin Larrabe
Posted at 7:07 AM, Apr 29, 2021

SAN DIEGO — A Navy man whose heroic actions helped take down a mass shooter in San Diego earlier this month says he happened to be in the right place at the right time to make a difference.

Justin Larrabe moved to San Diego about a month ago. Last Thursday, he was out and about in the Gaslamp Quarter near his home, but little did he know his life was about to change.

Larrabee, who served in the Navy, remembers first hearing the unmistakable sound of gunshots. When he turned back, he saw 28-year-old Justice Boldin, a valet worker, lying on the ground.

"Just felt the need after that first guy got killed and I knew he was an innocent bystander," Larrabee said.

Four more men were shot further down Fifth Avenue, one in his late 60s, the others in their late 20s. Larrabee says he started running up the street and spotted a man pointing out someone in a hoodie.

"The guy that was shooting had earbuds in and listening to music and waiting for someone to give him a reason to shoot at them," Larrabee said.

That's when Larrabee decided to take action.

"I just sprinted as fast as I could and just nailed him in the back just took him down," he said.

Moments later, San Diego Police arrived and used a Taser on the suspect, 32-year-old Travis Sarreshteh. They still have not yet determined a motive in the shooting.

Sarreshteh is due to appear in court to face the charges against him in early May.

This story was originally published by Lindsey Peña on Scripps station KGTV in San Diego.