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Rare white giraffe spotted in Tanzania

Rare white giraffe spotted in Tanzania
Posted at 4:16 PM, Jan 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-26 19:16:13-05

Don’t let her strange, white color fool you – the white giraffe below is not albino.

But she is beautiful, nonetheless.
The rare white giraffe – named Omo, after a popular brand of detergent in the area – was first spotted last year in Tanzania's Tarangire National Park. But it was recently seen and photographed again.
According to CBS News, experts say that Omo gets her unusual coloration simply because her body’s surface cells are not capable of making pigment, meaning she is leucistic, rather than albino.
Derek Lee, principal scientist at Wild Nature Institute (WNI), told CBS News that Omo is only the second record of a white giraffe in Tarangire over the past 20 years.