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Poll: Most Canadians are at least 'somewhat likely' to boycott US-made goods in response to tariffs

Posted at 8:04 AM, Jul 05, 2018

The dispute over tariffs has angered Canadians so much that a new poll shows a majority of Canadians are willing to boycott American businesses and avoid traveling to the United States.

At the beginning of June, the Trump Administration slapped a 25 percent tariff on the import of Canadian steel and a 10 percent tariff on the import of Canadian Aluminum.

Canada retaliated with its own tariffs on July 1. More the 100 U.S. steel products face a Canadian surtax of 25 percent and a surtax of 10 percent has been added on the import of 70 other categories of American products like toffee, maple syrup, coffee beans and strawberry jam.

In a new poll, conducted by Nanos Research for CTV News and The Globe and Mail, a majority of Canadians say they are willing to respond to a trade war with the U.S. by boycotting American products and avoiding travel to the United States.

You can read all of the poll's findings here.

That could have a big impact on the tourism and shopping industry in places like Niagara, New York — especially in places like the Fashion Outlets of Niagara Falls that see a large number of Canadian shoppers annually.