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Passports soon to become more costly

Passports soon to become more costly
Posted at 5:46 PM, Feb 08, 2018

The cost of obtaining a passport is about to get more expensive in the United States, according to the State Department. 

The State Department announced on Thursday that the Passport Execution Fee will increase from $25 to $35 effective April 2. The State Department said the $10 execution fee increase only applies to U.S. passport applicants using the DS-11 form, such as first-time applicants over 16, children under 16, and applicants who re-apply after reporting their previous passport lost or stolen.

The application fee will remain the same for U.S. passports. 

The total cost of a passport book for new applicants will increase from $135 to $145; a passport card will increase from $55 to $65; and a passport book and card combo will go from $165 to $175.