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Park employee is real superhero for autistic child and family

Posted at 11:58 AM, Jun 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-09 14:58:17-04

ORLANDO (CNN) — An employee at Universal's Islands of Adventure theme park in Florida is being hailed as a true hero by an autistic boy and his family.

It all began when the Koppelman family took a trip to the park from New York.

All day long, their young son Ralph, who has autism, wanted nothing more than to ride on the Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man but, when the family went to get on the attraction at the end of the day, they found that it had broken down.

That is when Ralph, according to his mother, Lenore, said she saw the "epic" meltdown coming.

Ralph sprawled himself on the floor in front of the ride's exit, screaming and crying so hard that he could hardly breathe.

Park employee Jen Whelchel stepped in and laid down next to the boy, helping him breath, diverting foot traffic and telling him it was okay to be sad.

They both laid there until Ralph felt better.

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