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Newlyweds: IKEA refuses to help with flawed gift registry

Couple struggling for answers, 2-mos after wedding
Newlyweds: IKEA refuses to help with flawed gift registry
Posted at 9:35 AM, Oct 15, 2017

LONGMONT, Colo. – In the few months after marriage, newlyweds are usually well on their way to making a house, a home.

However, a Colorado couple claimed to have issues from IKEA’s wedding gift registry.

Lisa Garrett said she started her IKEA wedding gift registry in May. She and her husband were married in August.

Garrett has remained without IKEA items purchased by wedding guests for nearly two months.

“It’s nearly impossible to ask them questions and get a straight answer about how to get your gifts that your guests purchased,” Garrett wrote. “They told me to drive down to Centennial to go pick up my items.”

For Garrett, that was a more than 70-mile drive from her Longmont home.

She made the trip though, and drove a “gas guzzling” truck to the Centennial IKEA to collect her items. Garrett claimed she was turned away.

“She said they were supposed to be shipped to me. I cried in the lobby with frustration,” Garrett said.

Since that failed trip to Centennial and leaving empty-handed, Garrett said she had sent numerous emails to several IKEA employees to try and get her wedding gifts.

She claimed she was getting nowhere until an IKEA employee explained the company would ship the products and waive shipping fees for her troubles. She alleged the company gave her an IKEA gift card voucher to assist -- one she attempted to use through the company’s website.

“Then [I learned] the website doesn't accept the IKEA gift card voucher number that they had given me,” she said. “I mean, why can’t they just send our products that our guests already paid for?”

Garrett said she’s not going to pay for items that were ultimately gifted to her by family and friends.

She continued, “The kicker, the last email they sent said I had until midnight that day to settle out my order, or they would cancel it.”

Garrett claimed that same message included a direct number for her to call with any issues. She claimed the number didn't work and said the company has since stopped responding to her.

“I just want our gifts -- and if not, then at least they need to credit the credit card accounts for all my guests that purchased gifts for us,” she said.

We have reached out to the company regarding their wedding gift registry and are waiting to hear back. We will update this web-story to reflect the company’s response.