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Mom who delivered baby in car at hospital frustrated over delivery room charge

Posted at 6:30 PM, Oct 31, 2016

Months after her delivery, a Florida mom is still dealing with labor pains.

Back in April, Paula D'Amore had an unexpected delivery in the parking lot of a hospital, now she's shocked about the delivery room charge on her hospital bill.


It wasn't the way Paula D'Amore planned to bring her baby girl into this world.

"We drove up, my husband ran out and I said she's crowning and her head came out," said D'Amore, who is from Greenacres, Florida.

D'Amore says her husband caught the baby's head right after running inside the hospital to ask for help. She says nurses ran out to help with the rest of the delivery. Daniella was born in the fire lane in Boca Raton Regional Hospital's parking lot.

"To me it was beautiful. It didn't matter if it was in my house or in the car, or in the hospital," said D'Amore.

But seven months later, the surprises keep coming. The hospital sent her a bill for over $7,000, the delivery room charge, when in essence, Daniella didn't need much help.

"I mean like yes, charge, but not $7,000," said D'Amore who says she did deliver the placenta in the hospital.

A spokesperson for Boca Raton Regional Hospital says the administration has no comment at this time.

"They are basically saying that everything was billed appropriately," added D'Amore.

D'Amore says she planned for the birthing costs prior to delivery, but since she never made it to the delivery room before Daniella arrived, she thought the hospital would adjust her bill.

"I knew that I was responsible for the $5,000 deductible. I get it, I'm going to pay the bill, that's not the issue, the issue is that I'm like, I look at this delivery charge and I think that's a little outrageous," said D'Amore.

D'Amore says she is going to pay the bill even though it says the baby was delivered in the car prior to arrival.