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Milwaukee police make time for game of cans with boy

Posted at 4:52 PM, Jul 05, 2017

A Milwaukee boy is getting a lot of attention for doing what he does almost every day, play the neighborhood game called "cans".

Jordan McClelland is outspoken, he loves sports, and he loves competing against anyone. Even Milwaukee police officers.

“I’ve been (playing) basketball since I was 4; I’ve been playing cans since I was 5,” Jordan said.

Cans is a neighborhood street game involving a ball, smashed aluminum cans and a good eye for accuracy.

“I bet I could beat Stephen Curry,” Jordan said.

During his family's Fourth of July barbecue, Milwaukee police were called to de-escalate a complaint.  After things calmed down Jordan took it upon himself to challenge an officer to a game of cans.

“I just randomly out of nowhere I just said ‘Hey, do you want to play cans real quick?’ he said ‘Yeah I’ve got a couple of minutes’,” Jordan said.

It was an unbelievable experience, as Jordan beat the officer in front of his family.

“I was really motivated because I’ve never played a police officer before,” he said.

It caught the attention of his father Jason who took photos of the game.


“It was cool for the cop to take five-to-10 minutes out of his busy schedule to accept the challenge of a 10-year-old kid. It was a cool experience because with all of the negative things going on in the community and with a lot of the backlash police are getting,” Jason said.

And Jordan already knows who he wants to play next, Warriors NBA star Steph Curry.

“Hey Steph, I’m ready any day, you just come down to Milwaukee and you’ll know where to find me,” Jordan said.

Jordan is heading into the fifth grade this year. We'll have to see if Curry accepts the challenge.